10 Tips for Controlling Acne

Acne Control

Unfortunately, acne cannot be cured but it can be controlled in the meantime while hormones regulate to normal levels. 

Acne is caused by the following 4 factors:

  • Inflammation or irritation in the oil glands of the skin
  • Over-production of oil
  • Over-production of skin cells which causes clogged pores
  • Over-production of P.Acnes bacteria pimples

My top 10 tips:

1. Clean your face twice daily

Warm water and cleanser will remove excess oil and daily grime which may cause blocked pores. Be careful not to scrub your face too vigorously as this may increase oil flow the irritation and cause further inflammation. If you are a student, wash your face as soon as you come home from school as this is when you skin will need a good clean!

2. Exfoliate

Lactic and salicylic acid is recommended to unblock pores and remove dead skin build up. ReVeal exfoliating serum is recommended daily.

3. Remember your vitamin A and B

Vitamin A and B applied in the evening are essential for addressing acne. Vitamin B serum will reduce inflammation and help to reduce excess oil whilst maintaining skin moisture levels. Vitamin A serum will slow over-production of pore-clogging skin cells and regulate oil flow. Combining clinical science with the very best of nature, our Vitamin B face serumis packed full of rejuvenating ingredients and is an essential serum for all kinds of skin types. If you’re looking for a face lift serum that works, this best selling formula is the multifunctional cosmeceutical that will take your skincare regimen to the next level.

4. Use a spot treatment without benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide only kills bacteria and doesn’t address the other factors that contribute to acne. Peroxide also inflames the skin and eventually the acne will rebound and return. Synergie Blem-X acne serum will help to treat inflammatory acne where there is an over-production of skin cells trapped in the pores. Skin inflammation occurs as a result of the bacterial assault on living cells. This non-aggressive serum is important to address all four acne factors without causing inflammation.

5. Moisturise

Whilst too much oil in a moisturiser is not recommended for acne, our skin still needs hydration. HydroGel is an ideal oil-free finishing serum for acne sufferers. Use it in the morning under Synergie Minerals makeup and at night following your Vitamin A and B serums.

6. Avoid heavy makeup

Avoid using heavy foundations containing oils or silicones like dimethicone. The skin is trying to heal itself and cannot do so with pore blockers on the skin for 10 hours a day. Synergie Minerals' Second Skin Crush loose foundation is ideal for acne sufferers as this product acts as a UV blocker and the natural zinc oxide minimises inflammation.

7. Hair products can affect your skin

When you use silicone based hair products, you may be also clogging your skin. Product from the hair can affect the skin and further clog your pores. Try to use natural products as these will not only make your hair look great, but they will also make sure your skin remains healthy and acne free.

8. Eat well

Every organ in your body needs food to function. The skin is our largest organ and it responds directly to diet. Try to avoid coffee, sugar, highly processed foods (white rice, white bread, pasta) and sugary dried fruits and juice. Eat foods rich in antioxidants such as berries and apples and eat at least 6 handfuls of different coloured vegetables every day. And don’t forget to drink at least six large glasses of water every day.

9. Don't stress

When we stress, we create the hormonal steroids cortisol. This disrupts the natural oil balance and may cause acne. Try meditation or yoga classes (not hot yoga!) to reduce stress levels.

10. Don't pick

We know it’s hard to look at the bumps on your face and resist picking, but it has to stop! Every time you burst that bubble, the infection spreads and may lead to scarring or infection. A few days with acne is much better than permanent scarring. Remember, acne is controllable but not curable. You must be patient and wait until your body re-balances itself. Combining a good skin care routine with diet and lifestyle changes can successfully control acne.

The Routine:

  • BAcne - body blemish serum

For an introductory set for blemish-prone skin, we recommend our Balance + Clarity Kit.

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