Can Your Skin Be Oily and Dry At The Same Time?

Acne Control

Many oily skin types can produce oil in the pores yet be dry on the skin surface. Dry, flaky skin can also result from the overuse of high concentration surface exfoliants that address blocked pores, however the skin surrounding the pores may become dry and inflamed. It is also fairly common to have ‘water dry’ or dehydrated skin, as even oily skin can feel tight from a lack of water.

1. Choose the right cleanser

Most foaming cleansers are formulated with common surfactant chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Ammonium Laureth Sulfate. These are harsh foaming ingredients and may strip the skin of essential moisture levels. Choose milder sulphate free cleansers, such as UltraCleanse and BioCleanse, and do not over-cleanse the skin. Twice daily cleansing is sufficient for oily skin. Also, avoid bar soaps to cleanse the face as they are highly alkaline and can strip the natural acid mantle of the skin causing dehydrated, flaky skin.

2. Choose the right moisturiser

Even oily skin needs hydration. Whilst moisturisers with high oil content can cause pore blockage and breakouts, you should never leave your skin surface dry and un-moisturised. We recommend BrightEnlite, our lightweight milk moisturiser, or HydroGel as an oil-free alternative. BrightEnlite is packed with anti-ageing and pore-minimising extracts which address unwanted oil and shine. If you have pigmentation, oily or combination skin, this moisturiser is made for you.

3. Avoid harsh ingredients

Ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide are effective at reducing acne bacteria in oily skin, however peroxide is a harsh oxidant that can strip the skin of its natural moisture levels. Lactic and salicylic acid are better choices as the act to remove surface dry skin and clogged pores, while also increasing moisture levels and reducing inflammation.  

4. Hydrate from the inside

It’s just as important to remain hydrated from the inside, particularly in our harsh Australian climate. Green tea counts as part of your daily water intake. If you don’t love plain water, add fresh lemon or lime juice with a little Natvia or stevia natural sweetener. Adding a dash of liquid chlorophyll will also help reduce acidity level in the blood and improve overall skin health. So remember to keep your skin well watered this summer, no matter what your skin type!

The routine:

  • UltraCleanse - Cleansing gel concentrate
  • ReVeal - An exfoliating serum to improve skin tone and promote smoother, hydrated skin
  • BrightEnlite - Brightening & pore refining milk moisturiser
  • UltraCleanse - Cleansing gel concentrate
  • Ultimate A - An essential vitamin A serum for regulating skin processes
  • Vitamin B - An essential multitasking serum designed to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin
  • BrightEnlite - Brightening & pore refining milk moisturiser

Try the above products as part of our Balance + Clarity Kit, the perfect introduction to Synergie skincare for combination and oily skin types.

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