SuperSerum+ – Tried, Tested and Triumphant


This outstanding product continues to prove itself as a powerful player in the cosmeceutical skincare landscape.

Everyone who knows the Synergie Skin brand also knows that every product I formulate is backed by my Clean Science commitment, so we can provide you with the very best results possible. We take great pride in transparency, efficacy, and our relentless pursuit of innovation to create exceptional skincare. To demonstrate our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional products, we’ve invested in our first third-party, independent clinical study. The product is one of my personal must-haves when it comes to pro-ageing – SuperSerum+.


SuperSerum+ is quite literally a powerhouse youth renewal serum. It features six scientifically backed cutting-edge ingredients including bioactive peptides, epigenetic botanicals, antioxidants, and marine biomolecules. When these superpowers combine, they work in synergy to boost collagen production, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, regenerate new skin cells, firm and hydrate, and restore a youthful radiant glow. 


Recently, SuperSerum+ was put through its paces by an independent, medical-grade skincare lab to measure the impact of SuperSerum+’s active topical molecules on the process of skin ageing. The results are truly outstanding – see for yourself

At Synergie Skin, we believe that high achievers deserve to be celebrated — and SuperSerum+ is one talented formulation. This product has reaffirmed itself as a powerful player in the cosmeceutical skincare landscape, with participants of this third-party clinical study reporting enhanced elasticity, a visible increase in luminosity, and a significant reduction in wrinkle depth.

What is an Independent Clinical Study?

A third-party clinical study is a rigorous scientific investigation conducted by external and impartial scientific experts, independent of Synergie Skin. Their role is to assess the efficacy and overall performance of our cosmeceutical skincare products. These studies are designed to provide objective, evidence-based evaluations, ensuring that the results can be trusted by both consumers and skincare professionals.


It starts with objective evaluation. Independent in vivo human clinical studies are structured to evaluate specific claims and benefits attributed to skincare formulations. We collaborate with respected external research institutions, dermatologists, and experts in the field to conduct these studies. Scientific rigour means well-defined protocols, placebo-controlled trials, and detailed statistical analysis. Each study is meticulously designed to ensure accuracy and reliability in the results.


And of course, as part of our Clean Science platform, transparency is imperative in this process. Once the independent clinical study is completed, we share the outcomes, whether they affirm or challenge our product claims. This transparency of information allows you to make informed decisions about your skincare regimen.

Two Studies, Remarkable Results

Study #1

The primary objective of the first study was based on subjective, numerical data.  It evaluated the effectiveness of SuperSerum+ in reducing wrinkles and fine lines using skin scan imaging analysis. The study aimed to provide independent empirical evidence of the product's ability to rejuvenate the skin and diminish visible signs of ageing.


The study involved 25 research subjects, with an average age of 54. 80% had Fitzpatrick phototype 3 and 20% had phototype 4. The Fitzpatrick scale, one of the most used classification systems, divides skin into 6 phototypes ranging from very fair which is type one to very dark which is type six. Phototype refers to the classification system used to categorise how an individual's skin responds to sunlight exposure. This classification considers factors such as skin colour, sensitivity to sunlight, the tendency to burn, and the ability to tan.


The participants used SuperSerum+ in their daily skincare routine for a period of 45 days. The serum was applied as directed during this in-home study evaluation period with no other active skincare being used. And the results? Well, they absolutely blew us away.


On average, there was a remarkable reduction of 6.9% in the intensity of wrinkles and fine lines. In some cases, the reduction reached up to 9.6%, showcasing the potency of SuperSerum+ in visibly improving skin texture and appearance. The overall efficacy is impressive, to say the least. 80% of the participants reported a noticeable reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. This is a compelling indicator of SuperSerum+'s efficacy and its ability to deliver real visible results.

Study #2

The primary objective of the second study was to evaluate the observational objective effectiveness of SuperSerum+, by the subjects in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The study also aimed to provide empirical evidence of the product's ability to rejuvenate the skin and diminish visible signs of ageing.


This study involved 29 participants, who were an average of 54 years of age with a phototype of two to four. 16% had dry skin, 60% had combination skin and 16% had normal skin. The participants used SuperSerum+ in their daily skincare routine for a period of 45 days and the serum was applied as directed during this in-home study evaluation period.


The participant observations were remarkable and reinforced the multifaceted effects of SuperSerum+. 92% of participants noticed a reduction in wrinkle depth. 88% noticed a visible lifting effect and skin tone improvement. 80% of participants noticed a softening in their nasolabial folds. 92% saw a visible increase in hydration and skin volume. 96% noticed a visible increase in skin luminosity. And an astounding 100% of participants experienced enhanced skin elasticity.

The Science Behind the Formula & Results

So, what does all this mean for you and your skin? SuperSerum+ should be considered as a fountain of youth in a bottle. But let’s talk about why this product is such a powerhouse for your skin. The proof is in the peptides and other synergistic actives. The advanced peptide technology in SuperSerum+ aims to reverse genetic damage in skin cells and mimics the benefits of muscle relaxants. Botanical extracts protect collagen in the dermis, activate collagen production and fight free radicals. Marine biotech ingredients trigger collagen and hyaluronic acid production whilst activating skin cell growth factors and new stem cell generation.

SuperSerum+ boasts a remarkable blend of six cutting-edge ingredients that work synergistically to provide you with these remarkable results.

  1. Acetyl Hexapeptide-fifty-one Amide is a cutting-edge peptide that mimics the natural human genetic factor Fox-030, capable of reversing cell ageing and repairing genetic damage.
  2. Marjoram Extract is an epigenetically active botanical that awakens fibroblasts and stimulates collagen production for firmer skin with fewer fine lines.
  3. Hydrolysed Algin rebuilds the epidermis via stem cell activation to repair and rebuild the skin.
  4. Marine-derived Saccharide Isomerate triggers your skin’s own hyaluronic acid from deep within to increase volume. Remember added hyaluronic acid cannot reach the dermal skin layer, so it’s very important to stimulate the production of our own HA.
  5. Acetyl Octapeptide-3 mimics the effects of muscle relaxants to reduce those dynamic lines of facial movement like the crow’s feet and frown lines
  6. Hydrolysed tomato skin also known as Lycopene is one of my favourite antioxidants for skin being essential for protecting skin against environmental damage and ageing.

SuperSerum+ was formulated with these six hero pro-ageing ingredients, each worthy of its own product. Because these potent active ingredients all work together in synergy, I have intentionally combined them in one super-powered serum for maximum results making this product, I believe, the most important serum for restoring the youth of your skin.


The third-party results speak for themselves. Add SuperSerum+ to your age-defying skincare routine today and see the results for yourself.

[Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational purposes only and should not replace professional skincare advice. Consult a dermatologist or skincare specialist for personalised recommendations.]

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