Synergie Skin Officially Launches in the UK

Expanding globally to five countries, and counting…

Changing skincare on a global scale, Founder of Synergie Skin - Terri Vinson - brings her range of award-winning skincare formulas to the UK. This launch will expand Synergie Skin’s list of international distributors to five countries including Hong Kong, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Poland.

Synergie Skin UK launches with the full range, including award winners and bestsellers UltraCleanse, Ultimate A, Vitamin B, Effica C, ÜberZinc, ReClaim, LumiBalance, Dermiotic, and TriDration B.

“We’re very excited to be breaking into a market that craves evidence-based cosmeceuticals that deliver visible, lasting results. I have long awaited the opportunity to take Synergie to the UK, and now with a trusted distributor, I am proud to announce we will be offering the entire Synergie Skin range both online and in select clinics. The UK beauty market has never been more ready for Clean Science with Synergie Skin.”

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